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    How to Get Rid of Song Writer’s Block

    • 3 min read

    How to Get Rid of Song Writer’s Block

    Do you have any trouble trying to come up with new ideas for your songs? Do you see songwriting as a tedious task or as something that gives you joy? If you see songwriting as a challenging and tedious task, then you currently have what is referred to as the songwriter’s block. In other words, writer’s block occurs when you have the desire to write a song but find yourself unable to write anything good.

    You should not see any difficulty in the art of songwriting. It may be that your motivation may have shifted. It could also be that you did not consider it as vital as you would before.

    It could also be that you keep doing things the same way and do not take time to do something new. You would need to get out of your patterned lifestyle to get back your motivation.

    Here are a few steps you could practice, today:

    1. You can take something new:

    What you put in will definitely affect what you take out. Hence you can be assured that what you listen to and watch, routinely will affect what you do as an artiste. If you notice being stuck, it could be that you haven’t taken anything new recently.

    You might want to visit the cinema, listen to some music and podcasts. Any of these could be what you usually listen to or something entirely new. Usually, it would help if you did something new because no matter how exciting your popular genre could be, trying a new genre could be all you need to jump out of your songwriter’s block.

    1. Try a new Process

    Humans are made to be a stickler to the working process. But sometimes, it does no harm to try out a new process. Your routine could be to go for a walk as soon as you wake up. No matter how important this routine and how much inspiration you have gotten from those walks, you should consider a new process still.

    You may want to eat something light before you go for that walk so that you can have the right energy up in your brain to think. Eating before a walk could give you the required energy to rejig your inspiration into something exciting.

    Also, if your routine is that you write the music first before the lyrics, you can try flipping it. If you usually write about a broken relationship, you can flip that and try writing about things that make you happy.

    1. Just let things flow

    A lot of songwriters have a perfectionist mindset. This is not always good. You may dismiss an idea because you think they are not unique. Just before you discard an idea, why not try it out and let it flow naturally from you.

    If you have a songwriter’s block and you seem not to overcome it, then you should try to be open to new ways; those ideas your head has played out to you, and you have discarded, bring them back in. Try to write down those things in your mind. Try not to censor your thoughts. Let’s see where that leads you.

    This is where you have to trust your instinct. Give yourself a boost by assuring yourself that you have what it takes to churn out something fantastic. In the end, if you are not always open to a pure artistic expression that flows naturally, you’ll find that oftentimes your creativity would seem to disappear.

    1. Experience life

    Many times, no matter the number of songs you try to write, none of them may come out as perfect as you want it. Take out some time to analyze what inspires you to write. You will realize that emotions are needed to get those perfect song lyrics.

    Is it when you are angry, happy, or depressed? These times are the best times to put down your thoughts. If you currently do not feel any of these, then it may be time for you to take time off and live life for a while. By this, I mean, take new challenges, and then new emotions will show up.

    Finally, the art of songwriting is all about sharing something meaningful. Whether it is an opinion or a thought, or just a response to a happening, you have to share something meaningful to your listeners and fans. In general, artists are good observers. As an artist, you should always learn how to observe; observe your environment, your neighbors, your friends, and even yourself. These are what make you an artiste in the first place.