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     How to Get Verified on SoundCloud & Audiomack

    • 2 min read

     How to Get Verified on SoundCloud & Audiomack

    The blue check is getting popular amongst artists. It has its importance to everyone on the platform, both on SoundCloud and Audiomack. And to get verified on these platforms, you will need to meet some criteria. We have put together some information that can help you verified on these two prominent streaming platforms.

    Criteria to get verified on SoundCloud

    •        Your account should be highly searched either as a musician, podcaster or a curator
    •        The account on SoundCloud should be owned by the artists. Soundcloud will not verify any third-party agent
    •        Your SoundCloud should not contain any false information and you should not have violated their terms and policy.
    •        Finally, your account should have a bio, profile picture and at least one song track uploaded.

    Before you apply to get verified, ensure that your profile picture is quality and have a photo of you. Write a well descriptive bio that talks about your music and yourself. You should also link all your social media accounts to your SoundCloud profile. Finally, you should ensure to gather a good number of followers and music track plays before you apply.

    To apply to get verified, you should login to your SoundCloud profile, go to the settings located in the upper corner and then click on the request verification button. A page will show you enter your artist name, add links, press articles and anything that shows you have a good online presence and then click submit.

    You will get a response in 30days time. During these 30days ensure that you don’t violate any terms and policy of SoundCloud because they can automatically cancel your verification request.

    Criteria to Get Verified on Audiomack

    Audio mark is a fast-growing streaming service. Their criteria for verification is similar to SoundCloud.

    •        You need a complete profile picture and header
    •        Links to your social media profiles
    •        Good social media presence
    •        Official releases, at least five.

    Audiomack has also listed that to apply for verification, you need to have at least 1000 followers and 500,000 plays. Audiomack has a strict policy and if they catch you buying followers and play time, they will ban you from the process.

    Also, you should ensure that the music uploads you have on your profile is yours and does not have any copyright infringement.

    If you meet all of these criteria, you can start the application process. You may not even start the application if you don’t have up to 2 uploads and 25 followers. The link to apply for verification is on your dashboard. Once you have submitted your application, it takes about 7 days to get feedback from Audiomack.

    Benefits of Getting Verified.

    Getting verified on Soundcloud & Audiomack will help improve your visibility. Music lovers will be sure that they are listening and following the original account of their favorite artists. You will be able to notify your followers and fans whenever you release new songs. On Audiomack, you will be able to submit your songs to top charts and playlists when you are verified.