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    How To Spot Fake SoundCloud Bots

    • 2 min read

    How To Spot Fake SoundCloud Bots


    Many services promise plays on your SoundCloud songs. However, many of them are simply using fake bot services to boost your music. While this method may make it appear that your music is doing well, it serves you no purpose because these plays are not from real people. Therefore, they cannot interact with you nor purchase your music. Today, we’ll explore how you can differentiate the fake streams from the authentic ones. 


    While SoundCloud offers a community for indie artists to thrive, the bots have become a severe problem for the platform in recent years. You can spot these fake accounts by noting the following:


    1. Accounts that have no followers but follow many artists, all within the same genre of music.
    2. Accounts that have no profile photo.
    3. Accounts that all have usernames made up of a single stock name, and they all follow the same pattern.
    4. Multiple accounts with no profile photos and no followers that all leave the same comment on your record. 
    5. You can tell when an artist is using bots if their SoundCloud profile has any of the following:
      1. Millions of followers despite very few songs, if any.
      2. Minimal social media following, but millions of SoundCloud followers.
      3. Daily increases in followers despite inactivity on SoundCloud.


    If you spot bots playing your music on SoundCloud or leaving suspicious comments, you can block them or let them be. They are not harmful, nor are they helpful. However, refrain from purchasing bots to boot your numbers. This may sound like a great “fake it til you make it” idea, but all it does, in the long run, is make you as an artist look like a fraud. 


    Take a look at your SoundCloud following to see if you can spot any of these robo-users. 


    Blogged by @cakedupdrippedout