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    Keeping Your Fans Safe In the COVID-19 Era

    • 2 min read

    Keeping Your Fans Safe In the COVID-19 Era


    As we approach year three of the dismal COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that this virus is here to stay. While most artists took advantage of virtual interactions in 2020, many of you have gone back to in-person shows and events in 2021. Since there is no indication that the U.S. will go back on lockdown, keeping fans safe during in-person events should be high on every artist's list.


    COVID-19 can be transmitted despite our best efforts. However, it is important that all artists put their best foot forward to protect the people who come out to support them.


    Let's go over a few steps all musicians can take at their shows, music release parties, and other curated events.


    Professionally Sanitize the Area

    Have the space you are using professionally cleaned. If the venue you reserve does not have a sanitation plan in place with a licensed service provider, take the extra step and hire one. 


    Make Masks a Requirement

    When advertising your event, make sure you let fans know that masks are required inside the venue unless they are drinking or eating. If people show up without masks, have extras to give away at the door.


    Create a Social Distancing Plan

    As lockdown restrictions eased, so has social distancing in many spaces. You'll notice that many people are no longer staying six feet apart. However, try to establish this inside your shows. Work with the venue to create guidelines for where people can stand so that there is a healthy distance.


    Offer a Virtual Component

    Some fans may be wary about being in large crowds. Consider live-streaming your show or performance for those who want to enjoy it from the comfort of their home. 


    We know that with multiple variants, no safety plan is full proof. However, since this is our new normal, all musicians have to do their part.


    Stay safe, everyone!



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