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    LANDR Is Giving Artists $5,000 to Promote Their Music; Here’s How to Apply

    • 2 min read

    LANDR Is Giving Artists $5,000 to Promote Their Music; Here’s How to Apply


    Music promotion is the only way to get your music heard. You can have the best flow, the best beats, the best producers, and yet, no one will know if the song is not promoted well. That is why music distribution company LANDR is giving artists $5,000 for their music promotion campaigns.

    Established in 2014, the platform assists with plugins, music mastering, distribution, collaboration, promotion, sample packs, and much more. In eight years, they have helped millions of musicians. With offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Berlin, LANDR is well equipped to handle acts of all genres and nationalities. 

    Seeing the need for campaign funding, LANDR launched The Rising Artist Initiative. The program was created to provide up-and-coming artists with the necessary resources to reach a larger audience, earn more money, and take their careers to new heights. The artists accepted into the program receive a full Promo Kit that includes a custom-built Spotify ad campaign, $5,000 in Spotify ad credits, and a one-year LANDR All Access Pass. A one-on-one professional coaching session with a LANDR Network Pro is also included. 

    How to Qualify?

    In order to be considered for The Rising Artist Initiative, all artists must have at least one live Spotify release distributed through LANDR, be a Spotify Verified Artist, and fully complete the LANDR profile. 

    A committee of LANDR distribution and marketing specialists will choose one artist each month. This lucky winner will be selected based on the creativity of their release and their independent promotional efforts. The committee is seeking musicians who put the work in on their own to enter the program.


    Are the Campaigns Generic?

    Acts who are selected to get the campaign grant funds will have the opportunity to customize their promotion to their liking. LANDR will never tell artists how to share their art. They will only be available to help acts reach the largest audience. 


    The Rising Artist Initiative is essentially free money for artists that will go directly towards pushing their music. With $5,000, an artist can make great strides in getting more views and streams. All artists are encouraged to follow a few steps and apply for the program as soon as possible. 

    For anyone who applies and is not selected, do not be discouraged. Keep applying. You never know when LANDR will choose you.

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