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    LinkedIn For Musicians; Is It Worth It?

    • 3 min read

    LinkedIn For Musicians; Is It Worth It?


    Professionals often use LinkedIn to network with other like-minded individuals. However, many musicians do not see its value, which is why it is often left out of the social media conversation. Today, we’ll explore a few reasons why LinkedIn is actually a great way for artists to land gigs and several tips for making the most out of your network.


    Why Musicians Should Use LinkedIn

    With over 467 million users, LinkedIn is a great marketing tool to connect with fellow musicians, DJs, A&R’s, producers, and others who work in the music industry. While it may not be the best platform to attract new fans, it will certainly bring in connections that you could use to help further your career. 


    Tip 1: Join Music Industry Groups 

    LinkedIn is filled with networking groups that are relevant to music. These groups are where artists can meet new people who can assist with their careers. For example, if you are seeking out a DJ to play your next show, the music groups will likely lead you in the right direction. Or, perhaps you are trying to connect with music blogs to post you and your music. Groups of this kind are perfect because even if a music blogger is not in them, someone can put you in contact with one. 


    Instead of just joining groups of other musicians, try joining groups with promoters, managers, and other people who work closely with artists and music insiders. 


    Tip 2: Keep In Touch

    Once you’ve joined a LinkedIn group or you’ve added someone to your network, and they’ve accepted you, be sure to keep in touch with that person. Reach out to them and introduce yourself. Be sure to include your goals as an artist and what you are looking for. Also, get a good feel of what this person has to offer and their role in the industry. There is no point in simply adding someone to your network if you are not going to connect. Since LinkedIn is a business networking platform, treat it as if you are at a networking mixer: keep all communication strictly professional.


    Tip 3: Choose a Quality Profile Photo 

    Make sure that you include a clear and quality profile photo. You want to ensure that your network knows who you are and that you are easily recognizable. 


    Tip 4: Write a Good Headline

    Be sure your headline is catchy and includes that you are a musician and your strengths (performing, producing, etc.) This gives people a great introduction to who you are and what you have to offer. 


    Tip 5: Add Your Social Media & Music Links

    As we said before, LinkedIn is not a platform to gain new fans. However, you want to be sure to add your social media and music links to your profile so that possible music execs can listen to your songs.  


    Now that you know the benefits of joining LinkedIn and how to make the most of the platform, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that link below to sign up now to make those connections. You never know. You may land your next record deal from a relationship you made on LinkedIn. 


    Sign Up For LinkedIn


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