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    Make Your Song Go Viral With These Four Steps

    • 2 min read

    Make Your Song Go Viral With These Four Steps


    Today, catchy tunes go viral all the time, thanks in large part to TikTok. "Track Star" by Mooski was a social media hit before it even had a music video, thanks to the famous challenge that was created to accompany the record. This level of internet fame can skyrocket the career of an indie artist and bring in a slew of new fans and streams. Below, we'll give you a few tips for how to make your record go viral.


    Connect With Influencers 

    Running social media ads for your music is obviously a go-to. However, take it a step further and network with influencers who can make videos of your music. One popular trend is the "getting ready" videos. Essentially, it consists of an influencer getting dressed, showing off their final look. These clips are often accompanied by music. The "sing-along" videos are also popular, which sees an influencer simply singing along to a record in a clip, which is usually viewed by thousands. Either of these are great ways of promoting your song and gaining visibility. 


    Create a "Challenge" For Your Record

    TikTok has taken the world by storm, and so have the dance challenges that litter the platform. As stated earlier, "Track Star" is a perfect example of how a record can go viral through dance challenges. However, it may take a little work. First things first, you'll need to begin interacting on TikTok and learning how the platform works. You'll need to create a quick dance to go along with your song, or you can call on the content creators who specialize in this sort of thing (i.e., Content creator @city_boy_j_)


    The challenge does not only have to include dancing. You can do a lyrics challenge, with people recording themselves reciting your lyrics verbatim for a cash prize. No matter what type of challenge you go with, the goal is to get as many people as possible to do it. Collect the videos from the challenge and circulate those across social media by having them posted on blog pages, YouTube, etc. This is also essentially how the previous tip works. 


    Perform The Record As Much As Possible

    This step is easier said than done, but it can be achieved. Research indie artist showcases that you can perform in. This may require you to do some traveling, but it is worth it. Performing your record in front of different audiences can spread the word about your single. 


    Make Sure Your Song Is Catchy

    Most viral records have a catchy hook. Take, for instance, the viral "Buss it Challenge," which was performed to Erica Banks' hit record. Many do not remember much about the song other than that memorable chorus used in the challenge videos. However, it took the internet by storm for its simplicity and catchiness. 


    If the goal is to go viral, then keep it simple and memorable. 


    Everyone has their individual methods of navigating through the music game and getting their music noticed. However, if you want to go viral, following these four tips could help you achieve your goal. 


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