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    Music Analytics Tools That Every Rapper Should Check Out 

    • 2 min read

    Music Analytics Tools That Every Rapper Should Check Out 


    As streaming platforms continue to be the leading method of releasing and consuming music, understanding the data behind the music is extremely important to artists. Recognizing who your audience is and identifying the best ways to reach them requires you to pay close attention to analytics. Below, we'll explore some of today's best music analytics tools and how they can benefit your music career. 


    Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp Artist Statistics

    Apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp provide excellent information about the popularity and reach of an artist's music through detailed metrics systems. These platforms track the number of monthly and real-time listeners to an artist's songs and albums, audience demographics, how users are finding an artist's music, which users are streaming in real-time, and much more. 


    This data provides artists a clear view of the performance of their music online.


    YouTube Studio

    With Youtube being the most used streaming platform worldwide, it is no surprise that it features detailed analytics for artists. With YouTube Studio, artists can obtain real-time data on the number of people who view their videos, their location, and demographic information of the users who view the videos. It also includes viewer's watch time in hours, what led the viewers to a creator's channel, and more.  



    Soundcharts provides musicians with detailed information regarding the consumption of an artist's music on different social media platforms, their audience demographics, and an artist's activity on playlists and trending charts. Their data even tracks an artist's competition and radio airplay monitoring.


    Next Big Sound

    Next Big Sound is a music analysis tool created by the popular radio platform Pandora. Next Big Sound provides artists with real-time data on their performance within Pandora and the social media networks that are linked to it, such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. The tool provides notifications and weekly performance insights as well.


    Though releasing a continuous flow of music is essential, as an artist, you must keep track of how well your music is doing so that you know what areas you need to improve. For instance, if your overall listenership across streaming platforms has declined within the last month, you may want to re-evaluate how you are marketing your music and who you are marketing to. Paying close attention to your analytics will ensure that your music continues to thrive.


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