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    Musicians New Year's Resolutions: Three Marketing Goals For 2022

    • 2 min read

    Musicians New Year's Resolutions: Three Marketing Goals For 2022


    As 2021 comes to a close, all musicians should be preparing for the new year. This includes securing performance schedules, lining up collaborations, and, most importantly, revisiting marketing strategies. 


    Think of what you wish to accomplish and how you can get it done. How have you been promoting your music? Have those methods been working for you? These are things you need to take into consideration so that you do not go into the new year making the same mistakes or feeling stagnant. 


    Let's review three marketing goals that every artist should have for 2022.


    Revamp Your Ads

    Make sure that you spruce up your social media paid advertisements. Consider new graphics and visuals that you can put money behind. There is nothing wrong with keeping your previous sponsored posts in rotation. However, you'll need to add something fresh to the timeline.


    If you are an artist who hangs flyers and uses billboards or magazine ads, make sure you submit new content in these spaces. New photos, new music images, etc., will attract new eyes.


    Touch Base With Your Contacts

    Go over that email list and reach out to your contacts. This is important as you plan your 2022 schedule. There may be events and networking events that they can help you attend. Or, they may know of upcoming promo opportunities that could benefit you. Reach out to get the ball rolling.


    Keep Your Social Media Current

    Make sure that you are posting your most recent music videos, songs, features, and photoshoots to keep your audience engaged. While social media can be exhausting at times, you cannot allow your profiles to go stagnant as an artist. 


    We're confident you've been doing an excellent job with your marketing, so keep up the great work in 2022. And always remember, your friends here at Viral Media Boost are here to help!



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