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    Need a Music Video Location? Give PeerSpace a Try

    • 2 min read

    Need a Music Video Location? Give PeerSpace a Try


    As you grow as an artist, your creativity will naturally blossom. This will significantly apply to your music videos. Many musicians will start with very simple video concepts, but as they begin making money from their songs, their budgets will allow much more elaborate imagery.


    For artists ready to take their videos to the next level, PeerSpace is the perfect service to find unique locations to bring your vision to life. Let’s explore what PeerSpace is and how it is helping artists create professional-looking music videos.


    What Is PeerSpace?

    Founded in 2014, this relatively new company is a peer-to-peer marketplace for movie, event, and video productions. Similar to Airbnb, PeerSpace allows private owners to rent out their venues to creators for their visuals. 


    Why Artists Choose PeerSpace?

    What makes this service unique is that most of the advertisers on PeerSpace go above and beyond to make their locations stand out. Many owners decorate the spaces with elaborate props and colors, often resembling different scenes such as beauty parlors, mock school rooms, and luxury bedrooms. Each setting allows artists to bring their storylines to life and use the props at their leisure. 


    For reference, view this Atlanta beauty salon music video setting for rent and check out how rapper Poni Capri used the space for her “Drippers and Schemers” music video.


    What Is the Fee for PeerSpace?

    Each PeerSpace rental will have a different fee associated with it. The owner establishes this. Keep in mind that the more elaborate the space is, the more expensive it will be to rent per hour. However, with thousands of renters advertising their spaces, most artists are sure to find a space that suits their budget and creative ideas.


    Never be afraid to take your artistry to the next level. PeerSpace can help you do that. Aside from music videos, also consider conducting your photoshoots and even YouTube content inside any of the fabulous settings offered. Give it a try and tag us in your latest creation!


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