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    Need Music For Your YouTube Channel? Check Out These Free Stock Music Websites

    • 2 min read

    Need Music For Your YouTube Channel? Check Out These Free Stock Music Websites


    As a YouTuber, you are likely using music in your videos. Unless you are an artist and using your own tunes in your content, you may need copyright-free music.


    Royalty-free/copyright-free music is an excellent option for people who do not have the means to get special permission from major labels and copyright owners to use their records. Below, you'll find a list of websites that provide free stock music to be used freely on your channel to give your videos some personality.


    YouTube Audio Library

    You're probably already familiar with the YouTube Audio Library if you've been a YouTuber for a while. Hundreds of free stock music options are available in this collection, all of which may be immediately added to your YouTube video. You can also download the music you want and use it later.


    Epidemic Sound

    This service allows you to subscribe and gain access to thousands of professionally produced product music that can be used in your YouTube videos. This website requires users to pay to access their library. However, the amount of music you can access makes it worth the price.



    Soundclick is a great tool for any genre of instrumentals or rhythms. While some of their sounds have a small fee attached to them ($1.00-$2.00), the majority of them are free to download. 



    Audionautix is a top choice because it features a built-in player where you can listen to the music you want before downloading it. Also, the music is free to use for all. Though the site may not have as many options, it does include something from every genre. 


    This may seem like such a small portion of content creating, but YouTubers must understand the consequences of using copyrighted music. Not only will your video likely be removed if you choose to use Ariana Grande or Rick Ross music in your videos, but YouTube could also delete your channel if this becomes a consistent issue. That is why free stock music is the safest bet if you want to give your audience something they can bop to while enjoying your storytimes, reviews, or how-tos. 


    Give any of these sites a chance and let us know your experience.


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