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    Need to Know: Fake SayCheese Emails Scamming Artists

    • 2 min read

    Need to Know: Fake SayCheese Emails Scamming Artists


    There will always be someone trying to get over on independent artists trying to establish their careers in the social media era. One of the most common scams that has been going on for a few years is using the popular artist platform, SayCheese, to get money out of unsuspecting musicians. 


    If you follow SayCheese on Instagram or their owner, Shawn Cotton, then you will notice their bios say, “We didn’t email you.” They have been forced to post this message on their profiles because many artists have fallen victim to an email scam using their name and logo. The scheme works because someone posing as a SayCheese affiliate will email an artist promising to promote their music on SayCheese for a fee that is usually a few hundred dollars. Once the artist pays the price, the person they have been emailing suddenly disappears and stops responding. Anyone wanting to work with SayCheese will have to reach out to them directly. 


    To avoid being scammed, cross-check the email address that sent you the proposition with those on the SayCheese social media platforms. You will quickly find that they are not legit.


    While this scam is not the only one of its kind, hundreds of artists have fallen victim to it. Let’s go over a few general ways to avoid these types of fraud attempts.


    1. Always verify the email address.
    2. Always confirm the phone number if one is provided.
    3. Do not send anyone a Cash App payment.
    4. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Be mindful.


    We understand that everyone is eager to get their music noticed. However, it is important not to be blinded by false promises. It could cost you loads of money in the end.


    Blogged by @cakedupdrippedout