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    Need to Know: Instagram Is Shutting Down Threads For Good

    • 1 min read

    Need to Know: Instagram Is Shutting Down Threads For Good


    Threads, Instagram's standalone messaging tool, is closing down for good.


    While the app never gained the popularity that Instagram anticipated, artists and creators use the platform to communicate with supporters outside of the main Instagram interface. Beginning on November 23rd, users will start seeing a message letting them know they'll need to continue their conversations on IG. While there is no official date when the app will shut down, Instagram confirmed that it would be gone by the end of this year. 


    The main reason for the app's closing is due to the lack of users. As of last year, the app had just a little over 200,000 users, a drop in the bucket compared to Instagram's billion users. Facebook, now known as Meta, redesigned Threads in hopes that it would attract more traffic. However, in the end, the public was simply not interested.


    So what does this mean for artists who use this app to speak with fans? Well, as long as you use Instagram, nothing. However, you will need to make sure that your fans know about this change and to contact you directly from the main app if necessary. Be sure that everyone you've been speaking with on Threads has your current IG handle so that you can continue with those conversations. 


    With Facebook's rebrand to Meta, expect many changes coming to Instagram. We will be sure to keep you all posted with the latest social media updates to ensure that you can remain in contact with your audience.



    Blogged by @cakedupdrippedout