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    NFT Albums Create Unique Opportunities For Musicians

    • 1 min read

    NFT Albums Create Unique Opportunities For Musicians

    Weeks ago, Snoop Dogg released the first-ever NFT album titled "Bacc On Death Row." The album coincides with him purchasing the iconic Death Row records, which launched his career in the 90s.

    The "Gin and Juice" rapper released the 17-track project in collaboration with Gala Games. The NFT was released as an exclusive digital "Stash Box," which could only be purchased via Gala Games.

    This move is so monumental because it creates a new outlet for artists to release their music by utilizing the cryptocurrency space. Musicians will have an advantage over their counterparts as the NFTs increase in popularity. Music can be blended with digital art in jpeg or gif formats to produce one-of-a-kind works of art that include music. For instance, a PDF file containing the lyrics to a song or a message from a musician could be included in an audio NFT and displayed when accessed in text-based mode.

    One way that musicians benefit from this is by being paid more. Suppose an NFT owner wishes to resell the NFT. In that case, royalties can automatically be sent to the original creator (musician), and this process can be repeated each time the NFT is sold.

    While this concept is still relatively new, Kings of Leon and Tory Lanez have also released projects this way. It remains to be seen how much this way of music release will evolve. It is, nonetheless, worthwhile for artists to keep an eye on and try their hand at.