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    Now That You Have Music Funding, What Now?

    • 1 min read

    Now That You Have Music Funding, What Now?


    If you’ve gone through our Music Funding Program, then you’ve gained valuable knowledge that will grow your career. Getting the money is the easy part. Putting it to good use takes a little more planning.

    Once the money from the Music Funding Program is in your hands, it’s up to you how to use it, but here are a few ways we suggest you put your funds to good use.

    Invest In Blog Placements

    Research blogs whose audience aligns with your music. Pay them to post your latest music videos, mixtapes, etc.

    Invest In Quality Features

    Depending on how much money you get from the program, you may be able to afford a feature from a popular name. 

    Invest In Quality Marketing Campaigns

    Marketing is much more than social media ads and posts. It may be worth hiring a legitimate marketing firm to help build your brand.

    Invest In Quality Music 

    Now that you’ve gotten the funding, treat yourself to the best of the best musically. Seek out the best producers and the best studios to record in. 

    There are numerous ways to invest money from the Music Funding Program. However, these four factors of your career are a great start. 

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