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    Promote Your Music With YouTube Shorts

    • 1 min read

    Promote Your Music With YouTube Shorts


    YouTube Shorts are YouTube's version of IG Reels or TikToks. They are short videos that can be edited with fun effects and do not consume much of a viewer's time. 


    YouTube Shorts give musicians a powerful advantage because they can promote new music to their subscribers as well as people who have not subscribed to them at all. These snippets are an extension of your more prominent brand, which includes your entire YouTube channel. As people begin to view your Shorts, this will drive engagement to your channel, which features your stockpile of music and videos.


    As you would with the other short videos platforms, add your music to the visual. You can encourage others to make a new dance challenge or just make Shorts featuring your tunes in the background.


    Since launching in the U.S. this year, there has been some compensation for artists having their music used by others in Shorts. However, since the YouTube version of these videos is still fairly new, do not expect to be paid big bucks from the platform. Instead, the Shorts will help you garner revenue the more your songs are heard and sought out on streaming platforms. 


    Though the concept is pretty much the same as what you would see on other social sites, Shorts is another outlet for artists to express themselves and create exciting content. The more of a presence you have across your various platforms, the better. Your music will significantly benefit from it. 


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