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    Quick Tips For Remembering Your Lyrics

    • 2 min read

    Quick Tips For Remembering Your Lyrics


    As an artist, you likely have at least two dozen songs that you are responsible for knowing the lyrics to. However, it can be easy to forget some of the words in your records having written so much music. 


    Today, we’re going to be dropping a few quick methods for remembering your lyrics easily. 


    The Three Word Method

    The three-word method works when you find three words in the line that you can use to create a scenario. Once you do this, you will then visualize the scene. This method will help you remember the lyrics much easier when you can attribute them to an actual event that has taken place.


    Play the Lyrics Forward & Backward

    Listen to the words and repeat them out loud while playing the song (forwards or backward). This will help you remember them by associating them with other words.


    Connect the Lyrics To Emotions

    Associate your words with emotion. This will help you recall the lyrics easier when they are attached to a feeling. For instance, if you make a love song, use the lyrics to describe how you feel about your significant other. 


    Write Your Lyrics

    While this may be common sense, many people do not write their lyrics down. Numerous people try to test themselves by memorizing every line. Write your lyrics down and re-read them frequently.


    Record the Lyrics

    Even if you cannot get to the studio immediately, record a voice note on your phone of the lyrics. Replay your recording over and over until it becomes annoyingly embedded in your head. 


    While many artists are likely using at least one of these methods to remember their lyrics, some struggle with this often overlooked aspect. Not to worry, we got you covered. 


    Give any of these a try next time you need to memorize your music for your upcoming show.


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