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    Reasons Why There Are Too Many Talented But Unsuccessful Musicians

    • 5 min read

    Reasons Why There Are Too Many Talented But Unsuccessful Musicians

    The quest to finding success by musicians is a difficult one. The reasoning behind this is because the definition of success is different for many people.

    While some Artists think that all it takes is maintaining a standard of excellence, or just by conquering the technical aspects of their instrument and becoming fluent in the language of music, then they will be successful with music. It is worth noting that mastering your musical crafts is also important but it takes a lot more than that to be successful as a musician.

    In today's world, music is becoming increasingly competitive and techincal musicianship is common practice, which means it i no longer a mind-blowing concept. Even though there are still musicians out there who are better than others, but in terms of the audience, people are always ready to pay more to see some artist perform than others. For instance, people are likely to pay more to see Jay-Z perform than they will pay to see some other artist. And it is not necessarily because Jay-Z is way more talented than some others.

    This analogy underscores the difference between Musical Talent and Success in the music industry.

    We all know that audiences and musicians alike understand that technical excellence is a necessity if one wants to make it in music. But that's hardly all you need for success.

    The Key to a Successful Music Career is a Successful Personality

    You may have mastered your instruments and music skills. You may have practiced until your fingers bled and fought through the periods of low motivation until, finally, you've broken through. Your friends, family, and well wishers alike may all praise your ability to make good music... But why are you not yet a successful superstar? Well, as we already know at this point, it takes more than skill to breed success in the music world.

    The truth is this; if you want to change your world of music, and become a superstar that you've always wanted, that's not going to be done just by being the best at making good music – people also need to recognize your creativity and individuality. By approaching your music in a unique and thoughtful way, you don't even have to be an amazing singer. You can see examples like this all over the music industry. There are so many artists who are not necessarily the best with music but they will be remembered forever because of what they have done.

    In other words, your personality can make or break you in the music industry.

    Take Calculated Risks

    Besides originality, a few key personality traits are needed as well to make you a massive success. It's easy to get lost in the monotony of life, but if your career isn't going where you want it to, think about something:
    1. Are you playing it too safe?
    2. Are you sitting at home perfecting your lyrics and looking at all the massive tour schedules of other bands?

    Some artists who play it safe think that in order to make it big, you need to be skilled, rich, or lucky.

    Frankly, these are a little bit of that will help, but more than anything, you need to be bold, dedicated, and devoted to taking risks. The big gig isn't going to fall in your lap – you have to get out of the house and go for it.

    Don't let the fear of losing scare you aware from taking calculated risks that will better your life. That feeling that you might lose everything when taking a risk is not a bad one. It might be scary but not bad at all. Eventually, it is your persistence that will bring you to the top, not luck or money.

    Once you finally have the courage to risk it all and leave your comfort zone, you need to figure out how to maximize your time.

    Don't Be a Mediocre

    As long as you remain hungry for success, it's important to differentiate yourself from the pack. There will be plenty of musicians of equal talent and dedication to compete with. So, in order to stand out, many believe they should practice longer or more efficiently. Whereas this will help, you only have so much time and energy in a day, so you must learn to manage your time and put your resources in the things that matter most, get experts to some others you are not very good at, and use your time and energy on the areas you are best at, otherwise, you'll burn yourself out.

    If you get burn yourself out, you'll find yourself settling for less. You'll seek any victory you can get to revive confidence. This is why so many people aim for mediocrity. It's easy to obtain, safe, realistic, and doesn't consume much energy. Some people are content with mediocrity as it satisfies them just enough.

    However, the space for mediocre are crowded. Mediocrity is like a lake full of trout fishermen. Sure, trout is alright, but there's a lot of other guys here fishing for it.

    Always Go for The Big Goals

    The big goals are the ones to go after. Assuming you've already mastered your musical skills, your energy will be best spent putting maximum effort into promoting and creating an identifiable/recognizable brand for yourself.

    Your branding and marketing determine your earning to a large extent in the music industry. The dream of making your music brand big is what will drive you to success in this industry.

    This dream has to be deeply personal, otherwise, you won't be willing to do whatever it takes to make it come true. Before attempting anything, that desire has to be into place, or you'll be wasting time and energy. In other words, don't exhaust yourself fishing for trout, go for the big goals.

    Put it into Action

    You may sell falsehood to the world but it is self-destructive to lie to yourself. This may sound cliche, but it's time to be brutally honest with yourself. We all have dreams, but what stops us from taking actions in the direction of our dreams?

    If you took a piece of paper and wrote down the top five things to do before you die, would you start doing them right that second? Probably not, but that's the issue with many artists who fail.

    Too many musicians crave success but, they intentionally or unintentionally shy away from it. It can be something small like not telling your friends about a gig because you're afraid of what they'll think. Maybe you're sitting around putting off album production for another day. Have you written out the song you've been humming in your head for the past week? Why not?

    It's common sense, but nothing will get done unless you put it into action. Start small and write a list of things you need to advance your music career. Then just start doing them. Put more energy into the bigger goals on the list, but don't skip over the smaller, necessary ones. If you're really that dedicated to becoming a successful musician, then you'll be rewarded greatly for your dedication to action.