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    Safety Tips for Concerts In the Post-Astroworld Era

    • 2 min read

    Safety Tips for Concerts In the Post-Astroworld Era

    As the world remains in a state of shock following the devastating Astroworld tragedy, many artists are left wondering how festivals and concerts will look moving forward. While no one could have imagined such a tragic turn of events, musicians are exploring new ways to prevent this from ever happening again. Even smaller acts are taking extra steps to ensure that concert attendees feel safe. 


    So how does one protect themselves and their guests? Here are a few things to consider.


    Hire Enough Security

    One of the most significant faults with the Astroworld catastrophe was the lack of security at the venue. People who were hired to work security complained about being short-staffed and undertrained. 


    Even indie artists throwing concerts in smaller venues should consider that there is always a risk of things going terribly wrong. Research and hire a reputable security agency that Is licensed and trained to handle rowdy attendees and large crowds. 


    If you do not have the means to hire security, ensure that the venue you book to host your concert has adequate protection. Research the agency that they use and make sure they have sufficient credentials. If they do not, consider a different location for your show.


    Book a Safe Venue 

    When touring the venue to host your next performance, look for the building's exit. Will you and your guests be able to quickly and safely get out in the event of an emergency? Are the doors functional? These are questions you want to ask the venue's staff. It is also a good idea to know about the building's flooring and roofing. If you spot any cracks, waters spots, or unstable foundations, ask in-depth questions. Speak with your local fire department about any calls that they've received to the venue regarding emergencies.


    Also, inquire about how many guests the venue can hold. You will need this number to ensure that you do not sell too many tickets, resulting in your concert being overcapacity. If the event space can only hold 50 people, you do not want to sell more than 60 tickets at most. The ten extra tickets can compensate for the handful of ticket holders who will not make it to the concert. However, selling a large number of tickets over the venue's capacity can create an unsafe space, where guests are pushing against one another, which occurred at Astroworld. Attendees should have enough room to walk around and breathe.


    Let Your Fans Know What Won't Be Tolerated

    As you market the show, let your fans know that fighting, shoving, and aggression of any kind will not be tolerated. Make sure that security knows to take action any time this behavior is witnessed in the crowd.


    While there is absolutely no way to predict the worst, please do your best to be prepared for it. Your fans will appreciate the effort.



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