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    Several Easy Ways to Gain Fans As a New Artist

    • 2 min read

    Several Easy Ways to Gain Fans As a New Artist


    If you are new to the music game, chances are your fan base is merely your closest family and friends. Obtaining the support of strangers takes much patience and consistency. Let's explore several ways for you to secure a bigger audience.


    Do a Free Giveaway

    Even the wealthiest of people enjoy getting things for free. By offering a complimentary t-shirt from your merch collection or exclusive record can catch people's attention. Consider having people provide their email addresses to you or follow one of your social media pages to enter the giveaway. Encourage your current fans to tell their friends about the giveaway, and you'll likely gain new followers in the process.


    Use the Fans You Already Have

    If you want to keep and develop your fan base, engaging your fans as much as possible is a must. To keep people aware of you, build the ties, and eventually create superfans who will promote and support your music in the long run. Word of mouth can be the best promotion. If your fan base grows to only twenty people, continue to keep them satisfied musically and take the time to let them know they are appreciated.


    Consistency Is Key

    You must be consistent across all of your communication channels to hold the attention of the music fans you're targeting. Make sure you give your audience something to expect and look forward to regularly via email newsletter, social media accounts, or new music releases. Keep your fans on a tight schedule so that they have a good idea of when you will be communicating with them or dropping new content. 


    Hashtags Are Your Friend

    Hashtags are a terrific way for music enthusiasts to find you more easily. Use trending hashtags to engage with niche audiences and subjects of debate that are relevant to you on Instagram and Twitter.


    Post Cover Videos

    When music enthusiasts are looking for a specific song, one of the first places they'll turn to is YouTube. Posting cover videos, in addition to submitting your original music to your channel, will enhance your chances of appearing higher in search results and make you more accessible to new fans. For instance, posting a video of you covering Drake's record, "Shot For Me," will come up in search results for fans who search for the original song. 


    Perform at Charity Events

    Giving back to your community and supporting a cause you care about while also earning great exposure to a new audience is usually a win-win situation when it comes to performing at charity events. A great relationship benefits both parties by providing useful cross-promotion while also raising awareness for a critical subject. Research charity events in your area and contact the organizers to inquire about whether or not they are looking to include performers. 


    These tips aligned with your strong Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns can gain you flocks of support in no time. With all of these methods, consistency is vital. Do not be a "one and done" kind of artist. Challenge yourself to try at least one of these tips monthly. Let us know how it goes for you.


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