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    Several Red Flags To Watch For When Choosing a Music Marketing Companies

    • 2 min read

    Several Red Flags For Music Marketing Companies


    Music marketing is a big business. Thousands of firms exist that promise musicians tons of gigs and promotion of their music. However, many of these firms take advantage of inexperienced artists hoping to make it big in the music industry. Many phony companies buy bots, which gives off the illusion that your music is gaining genuine streams and likes. Below, you’ll find a few key clues to look for when deciding if a music marketing firm is worth your money. 


    Does the Company Do Things You Can Do On Your Own?

    If an agency spends the majority of their time blogging, posting on social media, and simply sending out generic press releases about you, they are likely not worth the money. Being that you are paying for professional services to further your career, they should accomplish things that you cannot do on your own, such as making connections and getting you authentic streams.


    Does the Company Send “Blast Emails?”

    Nothing is more annoying than spam messages every thirty minutes from the same company. This can prove even more of a nuisance when these emails are promising to get you featured in magazines and popular blogs. Now, by all means, stick with the company if they are yielding results. However, if all you’re getting is an inbox full of frivolous emails with empty promises, it’s time to move on. 


    Did the Company Promise a Recording Contract?

    Even the most inexperienced of artists realize that a record deal is not something that happens overnight. Many marketing companies use this claim in hopes of getting their hands on your money. Any agency that promises a major label deal as their selling point is not where you want to promote music. 


    Is Their Client List Fully Stocked?

    Every professional music marketing agency has a website where they publish the name of every musician that they’ve serviced. Most of their websites are well-polished and gives you that “professional” feel. These are the companies that you should look further into. If a music marketing business has a sketchy-looking website with a short list of artists they’ve worked with, then they are not the company for you. 


    While offers to take your career to the next level may pop up left and right, make sure that you are selective with those you decide to do business with. Do not be so hasty to get noticed that you fall victim to a service that does nothing for you except take your money. Doing your research beforehand can save you a lot of time. 



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