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    Several Tips For Artists To Gain Website Traffic

    • 2 min read

    Several Tips For Artists To Gain Website Traffic


    In this day and age, all artists need a website of their own. Driving traffic to your website will be vital to gaining fans and creating the buzz needed to get your music in front of the right people. Let’s explore a few tips to drive traffic to your website. 


    Keyword Research

    Using the correct keywords can assist people when they are searching for something. For instance, if you are a hip-hop artist, you would use specific hip-hop keywords to get your site in front of those searching for hip-hop music or particular types of hip-hop. Shorter keywords are recommended, as they get the most searches. These are known as short-tail keywords, while long-tail keywords usually consist of four words or more. Longer terms are precise and have less competition, which can be beneficial. 



    Placing your target keyword in your headline is a great way to attract traffic. Adding a power adverb or adjective to the titles will help the headline stand out among other headlines in search engine results. 


    Email List & Push Notifications

    Creating a list of email addresses is an excellent way to keep visitors to your website engaged. Providing updates about your music, new releases, and appearances via email can help supporters stay connected. 


    Google Posts

    Google Posts is a feature that allows any musician to create posts using the Google Knowledge Panel. Google will then show your content directly in its search results, which can give you quite a bit of exposure. You can get started with Google Posts here.


    Though hundreds of components can help you gain more traffic, these four are just a few that have shown promising results. 


    Tried any of these? Let us know your results!


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