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    Several Tips For Gaining Real SoundCloud Followers

    • 2 min read

    Several Tips For Gaining Real SoundCloud Followers


    Growing your following is essential to growing your music career. Let's explore three tips that can assist with gaining your SoundCloud community. 


    Utilize is an excellent place to start. It is a free service that allows users to set up follow-to-download links.


    Instead of giving your music away for free, you may have users agree to repost, like, and follow your songs/account in exchange for a download if you set up your tunes through the site.


    Never Buy Streams or Likes

    Purchasing phony plays or likes may seem tempting. However, it can be highly detrimental.


    If a listener visits your page and discovers that you have many plays but few likes or reposts (and the comments appear to be fraudulent), they'll know something is fishy.


    While there's nothing wrong with legitimate music promotion, leave the fraudulent interactions to the bots.


    Network With Bloggers

    Being featured on a blog is one method to receive a rapid boost for streams, but you must know how to network with bloggers for this to be a viable option. Most blogs receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of submissions weekly by artists looking to get exposure. Therefore, patience is critical.  


    To better your chances of having your music posted, be sure that your music is mixed, mastered, and available on streaming platforms. Also, make sure that any additional content is readily available if the blogs need it for the post. 


    These tips are just a few ways to guarantee your SoundCloud listenership, though many other methods exist. Let us know ways that you've grown your followers on the platform.



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