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    Several Tips To Get Your Music Noticed With TikTok

    • 2 min read



    Many artists today are utilizing the popularity of TikTok to get their music heard by the masses. By creating a catchy song that pops on the video-sharing platform and sparks a slew of viral challenges, your career can take off overnight. While many rappers do not have aspirations of peaking at TikTok, the social media site is not to be underestimated for its ability to skyrocket a musician's fanbase. Here are a few tips to get your music noticed on TikTok.


    Manually Uploading Music to TikTok

    Manually uploading your tunes to TikTok is the most straightforward approach to introducing your music to some of the platforms' over 689 million active users. Simply upload a short clip using your music as the background audio, then click on the profile photo on the bottom right corner of your video. You'll then need to change the sound name using the little pen icon displayed. Changing the name of the sound to the title of your record and stage name will allow users to identify the track and artist behind it easily. 


    Utilizing a Distribution Platform to Upload Music to TikTok

    Now, while manually uploading your music to TikTok may be the simplest and fastest route, artists looking to make money from streams can use distribution platforms. Not only will this place your music on TikTok, but it will ensure that musicians are paid when their music is used on TikTok or anywhere else on the net. The most popular services include Distrokid, TuneCore, Symphonic, and CD Baby. Now, while it's up to the creator to examine which platform is the best for them, it's worth research.


    Collaborating With TikTok Creators

    Another way to have your music spread across TikTok like wildfire is to collaborate with content creators with a big following on the platform. Reaching out to TikTokers who can create a dance to your song and perform it in a short clip, has major viral potential. If it gains enough traction, many others will re-create the dance routine, and it will not take long before the song grow legs across social media. 


    No matter what route you take, it is vital to utilize TikTok to your advantage, especially when reaching a younger audience. Don't sleep on this trendy and blossoming subculture. 


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