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    Several Ways For Musicians To Find Their Inspiration

    • 2 min read

    Several Ways For Musicians To Find Their Inspiration


    With so much going on in the world today, it may be hard for artists to find inspiration for their music. Let's take a break from our usual music marketing tips and dive into a few methods for regaining your motivation once you hit a creative wall.


    Give Yourself a Break

    As an artist, writing or recording back-to-back can quickly run your creative well dry. Step away from the booth and the pen. Allow yourself a break to breathe clean air and rest your soul. When you do return to the music, you will be returning with a fresh pair of eyes and a clear mind, free of clutter.  


    Write Down Everything

    Many creatives are known to carry small notepads around or utilize the Notes app on their phones frequently. Writing down quick rhymes you come up with, titles of potential songs, or even the names of SoundCloud producers that you come across can benefit your music-making process. Be sure to go back and re-read your notes when you are running low on motivation. 


    Change Your Surroundings

    A change of surroundings can help you to get in touch with your creativity. You might have a favorite area where you can calmly reflect, but if not, be sure to find one. Having a spot where you can focus away from your typical workspace can assist you with reinventing the tunes you're working on or start something new.



    For artists, it can be incredibly beneficial to meditate from time to time. Allow those creative concepts to come in by relaxing and freeing your mind of the day-to-day challenges.


    Collaborate With Another Creator

    It is natural for creators to grow bored with their sound and way of doing things. Linking up with another artist or content producer of any kind can allow you to surround yourself with new energy. Feed off of these vibes and take them with you when it is time to get back in the studio. 


    Everyone has their own methods of getting inspired, but incorporating any of these into your routine can undoubtedly get the creative juices flowing. 



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