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    Take Your Soundcheck Seriously; Here's How

    • 1 min read

    Take Your Soundcheck Seriously; Here's How


    Every artist gearing up for their shows should conduct a soundcheck. While this is not the actual concert, it should be treated as such. Many musicians don't take these as seriously as they should.

    Today, we'll give you three crucial tips for a successful soundcheck that will lead to a successful and error-free concert.

    Use Earplugs

    Protecting your hearing is an often overlooked issue for musicians. However, it is essential to use earplugs anytime you are on stage, whether during practice or the actual performance. Constantly listening to loud music can have a lasting effect on your hearing. 

    Treat Soundcheck Like the Real Performance

    As previously stated, do not underestimate your soundcheck. Treat it exactly like the actual show. When your audience arrives, you'll need to turn your energy up. Do this in soundcheck. Act as if your guests are already watching you so that you are already in the right mindset when it's showtime. 

    Voice Your Needs 

    Soundcheck is the perfect opportunity to identify what you need. You may notice certain flaws with your setup or sound. Let your team know immediately. This is when these things need to be corrected. You do not want to wait until showtime to address these needs.

    Consider your soundcheck the pre-show. Take it seriously and, most importantly, have fun with it. Be the pro that you are.