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    The Most Effective Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers in 2021

    • 2 min read

    The Most Effective Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers in 2021

    Are you looking for proven hacks on how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2021? If you are, then you are in the right place. In this post, you will notice several strategies that you can use to grow your channel from zero to thousands in no time.

    With over 1 billion hours spent per day on YouTube globally, you wonder how is it possible that you're yet to get your first subscriber. It is hard for marketers, artists, or brands to ignore this video making channel with its widespread popularity. But with its fame comes high competition. There are millions of channels with endless video content of several types. So how can you stand out and increase your subscribers?

    Here are some strategic tips you can use to grow your YouTube channel subscription

    Clean up your YouTube channel

    Before you can make your channel attractive, it is essential to do some housekeeping. You may think you've created the perfect channel, but your audience may not share that thought. To ensure that your channel is significant to you and your audience, you will need to step back and look at it as your audience.

    Reevaluate what video contents are on your channel and see if there are missing contents or if you need to delete some old contents. During your analysis, consider the quality of the videos on your channel. If you come across poorly produced, outdated, or simply "bad" videos, consider deleting them.

    You should only leave content that is going to get you viewers and keep these viewers.

    Only create and post quality content

    This may seem obvious, but with so many quality videos on YouTube, it is easy to assume that you can chip in a couple of poor content and get away with it. Doing this ends up damaging your channel further. The best way to grow your subscribers from scratch is to create and post the best of your niche's best content.

    Execute Top-Notch Channel Trailers

    YouTube has a fantastic feature for channels looking to build their subscribers; this feature is called Channel Trailers. This is a short trailer that automatically plays when visitors arrive on your YouTube channel.

    If you have quality content on your channel, you can automatically show viewers an interesting snippet to captivate your visitors. YouTube allows these channel trailers to be between 30 – 60 seconds, which is enough time to get your message across. It would be best if you didn't forget to include a call to action in this trailer.

    Keep Your Videos Short and Interesting

    It's YouTube, not a cinema. Viewers wouldn't want to be stuck on a video for hours except for special occasions. Regardless of how complicated your content is, try to keep it under 5 minutes. This is because online video viewers usually have a short attention span. Within 10 seconds of a video, about 20% of your audience will lose interest. This translates to a loss in potential subscribers. So re-edit your videos and turn them into short and exciting clips.