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    Three Crowdfunding Platforms That Help Raise Money For Your Music

    • 2 min read

    Three Crowdfunding Platforms That Help Raise Money For Your Music


    Finding money to fund your career can be difficult, and many artists can get discouraged when cash is scarce. While there are many ways to make extra money as an artist, crowdfunding is one way that musicians are paying for their new projects.


    Crowdfunding allows your fans to donate money directly to you for your latest album, music video, or tour. This option has grown increasingly popular among artists in recent years. Their fans are usually willing to help, especially if it means they will enjoy the finished work to which the funds will be directed.


    Let’s review three of the best crowdfunding platforms that can help you get started.



    Kickstarter provides crowdfunding for “creative projects.” This includes music, books, games, etc. During the fundraising phase of your campaign, you will receive pledges. Unless the total amount pledged is equal to or more than your target, such commitments will not be fulfilled. In other words, if you do not reach your entire monetary goal, you will not receive any of the money.


    Creators are encouraged to set pledge tiers with a bonus for pledgers who donate the most money. For example, the more someone gives to your project, they can receive physical copies, exclusive merch, or even album credits. 



    GoFundMe is probably the most known crowdfunding platform. While it is not the most popular crowdfunding option for musicians, it can still be helpful if promoted well. With a GoFundMe campaign, artists will keep every dollar they make. Unlike Kickstarter, GoFundMe does not charge any fees to post a campaign. 


    Rocket Fuel

    Though a smaller platform, Rocket Fuel offers a crowdfunding platform and paid membership options that can be offered to fans and ways to market the campaign. They charge a fee of 10% on all campaign transactions made through Rocket Fuel, so it is not a completely free option, but the perks are worth the costs. 


    Never feel ashamed to ask for help, especially from the people who want to support you. If you are running a little low on money for your next musical endeavor, create a campaign on either of these platforms to help fill those gaps. Market your campaigns on social media to let fans know how they can help. 


    Best of luck!


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