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    Three Inexpensive QR Code Generators For Artists to Help Spread Their Music

    • 2 min read

    Three Inexpensive QR Code Generators For Artists to Help Spread Their Music


    As technology continues to evolve, new tools become available for artists to market themselves. QR Codes are one of these tools that are rapidly growing in popularity.


    For those unfamiliar with QR Codes, they are a square box that contains a scannable image that anyone with a smartphone can use. Once you open your phone's camera, you position it onto the code, and it will take you to whatever website is linked to it. This innovation is neat because artists can link their music site to the QR Code or link to their new music video. This code can also be printed on t-shirts, business cards, posters, flyers, concert tickets, and pretty much anywhere else. For instance, if you are out in public and telling a potential new fan about your music, you can pull up the code on your smartphone and have them scan it with their phone, quickly bringing up the music you'd like to share with them. 


    Many QR generators feature little to no costs. Let's explore three top websites that can quickly provide you with a QR Code without putting a dent in your wallet. 



    Visualed is regarded as one of the best QR Codes in the business. It is extremely easy to use, and everything you will need to create your QR Code is on their application. They have a free option for beginners, but if you need additional features, their monthly packages begin at just $6.23.


    QRCode Monkey

    This generator is another excellent QR Code option because it is 100% free. It is also very straightforward to use. On the website's homepage, you'll paste the webpage you want your QR Code to direct users to, the color you want it to be, your logo, and a few other customization metrics. As an added bonus, QRCode Monkey also offers an unlimited amount of scans, which is something that many other services charge for.



    Scanova is slightly more advanced, but their online guides can help you learn how to create your QR Code. This service features high-resolution vector export, which will allow you to print your code clearly. Scanova has been used by big corporations such as Revlon and Puma, making it one of the best QR Code generators in the business. Though not a free service, their plans start at just $15 a month.


    QR Codes can help spread your music efficiently with one easy scan. If you have used QR Codes at restaurants or movie theaters, you know how simple they are to use. Try any of these sites to get your code generated today.


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