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    Three Instagram Rap Blogs You Should Use For Promotion

    • 1 min read

    Three Instagram Rap Blogs You Should Use For Promotion


    Here at Viral Media Boost, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that rising artists can benefit from. Instagram promotion is always a great way to get your music heard, especially IG blogs geared only towards music lovers. 


    Today, we'll introduce you to three rap Instagram accounts that only post new hip-hop artists and their music. 


    Rap Music Entertainment

    Rap Music Entertainment sports an impressive 108k followers that are very active and eager to hear new artists. All posts get at least 10k views and dozens of comments from followers giving their opinions on the music. Getting your tunes on this page will cost you only $40.


    Upnext Females

    Upnext Females is an Instagram music blog only for female rappers and r&b singers. Women from all over send in their music as a way to promote and gain new fans. They are also affordable to work with, starting at $40 for an IG post.



    DailyDrills has 275k followers who engage with every post. The page posts at least one underground artist a day, which attracts thousands of views. While the account refers to itself as the "No.1 International Promotion Platform," the majority of the posts are of hip-hop artists. Posts on this page start at $75.


    Do you have a new single dropping? Is your next music video on the way? Check out any of these popular Instagram accounts to help push your latest work.



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