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    Three Must-Do’s Before Paying For Influencer Marketing

    • 2 min read

    Three Must-Do’s Before Paying For Influencer Marketing


    In today’s social media age, influencer marketing is an excellent way for indie artists to get their music noticed. Paying a successful influencer to post a video dancing along to your record or sharing the album artwork with their followers can increase your streams and gain you some new fans. However, before you fork over your hard-earned money to a stranger online, you must verify that your investment will be worth it.


    Today, we’ll go over three things artists should always do before paying an influencer to promote their work.

    1. Verify They Have Real Followers

    The point in having a popular influencer post you on their social media platforms is exposure. The only way to get exposure is if the followers on their profiles are genuine. Do a quick check of their posts to see if the commenters appear to be from bot accounts. If the comments look suspicious or you notice hundreds of people commenting the same things, that could be a red flag. 


    If you don’t have time to score through comments, ask the influencer for a media kit. Most influencers who do promo will have this available to send, which shows their engagement numbers. 

    2. Never Pay With Cash App or Venmo

    When paying for promo, Cash App and Venmo may be the easiest methods. However, unless you have worked with this influencer before, you must protect yourself against possible scammers. Since both of these apps are peer-to-peer sharing, some banking institutions will be unable to help you if the influencer takes your money and declines to do the promotion. Always use PayPal or bank-to-bank wire transfers when paying for a service of this nature.

    3. Have a Contract

    You may not need an iron-clad contract, but having a documented agreement can help you out if the influencer turns out to be a scammer. The contract does not need to be hard to read and filled with too much legal terminology. However, it still needs to state the services you are expecting to receive and payment methods.


    We’re sure there are plenty of other steps you can take to fight back if an influencer steals your money. However, before you make any hasty decisions, refer to these three tips.


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