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    Three Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    • 2 min read

    Three Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid


    The social media game is pretty much trial and error these days. It will take some research and patience to get to know your audience and the content they want to see from you. As you go through this learning process, you will likely make several common mistakes that many creators and artists tend to make on social media. 


    Let's go over three errors to avoid when building your social media presence.


    Posting Too Often

    Though consistency is key, too much content can overwhelm and downright annoy your audience. This could cause you to get unfollowed or even blocked. Stick to posting at your peak hours when your audience is most active. 


    Not Communicating With Your Audience

    There is a myth that not responding to your audience makes you appear "cool" on social media. Many feel that it sends the message of being so preoccupied with a "blossoming" career that you don't have time to answer supporters. This is not the route you want to take. In fact, it can actually hurt you when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. If you do not engage with your audience 30 minutes before you post your content and 30 minutes after, your post will likely get very few views after that first critical hour. 


    Spend time responding to comments, messages, tags, etc. This will make your presence known on Instagram and drive more traffic to your profile. 


    Buying Followers & Views

    Though we've said this many times, we have to reiterate that buying followers and views will not pay off. Having a large following looks excellent on social media in terms of popularity, but it means nothing if the followers are bots who do not engage with your posts. This can also endanger your page. Having fake followers and views can potentially have your YouTube and Instagram accounts deleted, so be mindful when making the decision to purchase them.


    Let's start the year off correctly with healthy social media habits that'll grow your fanbase. 


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