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    Three Social Media Scheduling Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    • 2 min read

    Three Social Media Scheduling Apps to Make Your Life Easier


    We know we preach the need for constant social media content all the time, but it's because it's critical to growing your fanbase. However, busy artists may not always have time to stop and post during peak times every day. That is why social media scheduling apps are a great tool to do this for you.

    These apps will post whatever you'd like on your social media profiles every day at the times you choose, saving you from being glued to your phone all day. Even better, many of them provide tools to improve engagement and increase your following. 

    Let's go over our top three social media scheduling apps to make your life easier.  

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social allows you to simultaneously publish your latest Facebook post, Instagram photo, tweet, or Pinterest Pins. Even better, Sprout offers easy-to-use social media analytics to evaluate how well your posts are doing. They offer a free trial for customers who want to give it a try before they purchase the program.



    Feedly curates content to fill up your social media calendar. Instead of trying to come up with filler content in-between your scheduled posts, Feedly handles this for you. 



    Airtable merges content planning and social media scheduling. The platform plans future content and maps out how those posts will be promoted across various social sites. Airtable provides consistency by providing users with an asset manager. This feature makes sure that all of your platforms are uniform, saving you time.

    No matter which of these platforms you decide to use, they are guaranteed to make your social media management much smoother as you work on more pressing issues within your music career.