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    Three Tips For a Successful Live Show

    • 1 min read

    Three Tips For a Successful Live Show


    As we’ve previously stated, performing a live show can be both rewarding and nerve-wracking. However, the more you do it, the more of a pro you will become. 


    Performing is a personal experience and will be different for each artist. Let’s go over a few tips for musicians who are planning on hitting the stage in 2022.


    Crowd Participation

    Get fans involved in the show by performing the standard call-to-action cues: ask them to scream, put their hands in the air, etc. Or, in between records, speak to your audience. Crack jokes with them, thank them for attending, and ask if they are having a good time. These small acts will keep the crowd engaged with you.


    Mingle With Attendees After the Performance

    After you leave the stage, get up close and personal with attendees. Introduce yourself and ask if they enjoyed the concert. This gives supporters an up-close interaction with you, which is more memorable.


    Practice Breathing

    Breathing exercises are so important. Being winded while you perform resonates horribly with the crowd. Practice breathing techniques and even consult with a professional voice coach to help with this if need be. You’ll want to have stamina on stage so that you do not get burned out early in the performance.


    As you plan to do more shows, these tips will come in handy. Stay tuned for more performing suggestions in 2022. 



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