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    Three Tips For Adding Quality Choreography to Your Music Videos

    • 2 min read

    Three Tips For Adding Quality Choreography to Your Music Videos

    When it comes to making music videos, you want to make yours as enjoyable as possible. While every record may not be suitable for dancers, if your latest track is upbeat or has TikTok potential, you want to consider adding some quality choreography to your video.


    Choreography can help to boost the viral potential of your video. If the song catches traction on social media, younger viewers are likely to emulate the dance moves performed in the visual. This will only drive the popularity of your record and make way for your follow-up tunes. 


    Today, we'll go over a few tips for achieving the best choreography to enhance your video.


    Hire a Choreographer

    Unless you have come up with an original dance move for your song, a choreographer can help you organize a good routine. Websites such as Fiverr and Thumbtack are great tools to help you find an instructor in your area that can construct dance moves to correspond with your music.


    Hire Dancers

    If you don't have any good dancers in your inner circle, hire some. Do not just grab a few of your friends and hope they can execute the dance moves. You want the choreography to look polished on camera. Therefore, finding a good group to perform will make your video pop. Upwork and Hire-a-Dancer can find professional dancers who can quickly catch on to the routine and nail it.


    Now, true enough, many professional dancers may not specialize in hip-hop, so another route is to hold auditions. Just because dancers didn't attend performing arts school does not mean a lack of talent. Hold local try-outs in your area. Advertise the date, time, and location in advance so that potential dancers have time to get their act together. 


    Study Dance Routine

    Research the latest dance challenges as well as professional choreography. Even if you are not a skilled instructor, this will give you insight into what you want your dancers to look like in the video. Getting familiar with dances and routines can allow you to communicate what you are looking for to your choreographer effectively. 


    Many musicians will never include dancing in their videos. But for those who do, make sure that you do it correctly in a way that your fans can appreciate. When thinking of the choreo for your new visual, be sure to consider these helpful tips.


    In the meantime, check out a few of our favorite well-choreographed videos. 



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