Three Viral Media Boost Services That All Indie Artists Should Conside

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    Three Viral Media Boost Services That All Indie Artists Should Consider

    • 2 min read

    Three Viral Media Boost Services That All Indie Artists Should Consider


    Here at Viral Media Boost, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for the musicians we work with. That is why we offer a wide range of services meant to further each of our artists, taking their careers to the next level. 


    Today, we’ll give you a peek into some of our best services that you should consider when you are ready to expand your musical reach.


    Hip-Hop Blog Placement

    VMB has spent years building relationships with hip-hop blogs. Using these connections, we’ve become a liaison between blogs and artists, efficiently orchestrating music placements. By going directly through VMB, you will not have to spend your time hunting down contacts and paying separate fees for each publication. Your music will appear on a long list of blogs for one set price, including HipHopDX, TheSource, AllHipHop, HotNewHipHop, and many others. The exposure possibilities are endless. 


    Youtube Video Rocket 

    This great tool is helpful for artists of any genre. Our Video Rocket program will accelerate your music videos and place them in front of real viewers. This service has become one of our most popular among artists. If you are unsure, nearly 400 reviews of satisfied customers can help you make an informed decision. Even better, the Youtube Video Rocket is on sale for $100.


    Soundcloud Targeted Plays

    With our massive network of 20,000,000+ music lovers on Soundcloud, this service will guarantee artists increased streams within days. Once you choose the desired streams you are trying to obtain for your record, VMB does the rest by reposting your song on numerous Soundcloud pages and playlists. We will continue this process until your desired streams are met. All listeners are authentic, meaning that your music will likely continue to be shared and streamed even after our work is done. 


    Head over to to read up on all of the services we offer. If you have any questions, please shoot us a message on social media or fill out our contact form on our website.


    We’re always here to help!


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