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    Three Ways to Get Useful Feedback From Your Audience

    • 2 min read

    Three Ways to Get Useful Feedback From Your Audience


    As an artist, it is essential to improve over time. However, it is hard to do so if you are not aware of which areas need development. This is why receiving feedback is so crucial to success. Your supporters often offer the best feedback because they are the ones dedicated to your music. Therefore, they may be able to see and hear things as outsiders that you are not privy to. While the feedback may not always be what you want to hear, know that your fans have your best interest at heart. Today, we'll look at three ways your followers can provide you with constructive criticism on your tunes, visuals, and other content. 



    Instagram Story Polls

    Instagram offers polls that can be integrated directly into your Story. Activate this feature when you are gearing up to drop a new record, mixtape cover, or visual to get your fans' opinions. For instance, if you have two mixtape cover designs, add both to your Story, then attach a poll with "A" or "B" so that fans can vote on which one they like most. Ultimately, it will come down to your preference as an artist. But your fans are letting you know what appeals to them, so try to take heed to it. 


    Instagram also has the questions feature, which can be incorporated into your Story. You can ask your followers a specific question such as "What artist should I work with next?" and they can provide you with their picks, giving you an idea of what they want to hear from you. 


    Survey Monkey 

    Survey Monkey allows you to create surveys that can be easily placed on your official website, in your weekly email newsletter or your social media bio. If you want feedback regarding your forthcoming project's name, you can easily create a survey with the available titles and encourage your supporters to share the one they like most. Another great way to use Survey Monkey is by creating a poll about your forthcoming performance. Consider doing a survey about the setlist or venue location and share it with your fanbase. Survey Monkey has a free option, but a premium package starts at $25 per month if you require more features.


    Live Q&A Session

    Going Live on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram after a big release is a great way to get feedback from your fans. Make sure your supporters know that the Live Session is a Q&A about your latest work so that the conversation stays on track. Play your new records and have viewers comment their thoughts on them. This is another helpful way to determine whether or not your followers are feeling the new sounds.


    Most musicians are sensitive about their work, and rightfully so. But you must be able to take constructive criticism in stride. It can help you in the long run and allow your fans to feel as if their thoughts count. Don't be afraid to open up the lines of communication.


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