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    Tips For Advertising Your Music On Twitter

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Advertising Your Music On Twitter


    Just about every social media platform offers some form of advertising opportunity, and Twitter is no exception. Let’s explore several pointers for effectively running ads on Twitter that will help to get your music the exposure it deserves.


    Promoting Your Tweets

    Similar to promoted posts on Instagram, promoted tweets show up on the timeline as regular tweets. However, what makes them different is that you can pay for them to show up on the news feeds of people who are not already following you. Artists can promote a tweet of their new songs or music video to hundreds or even thousands of people at one time who were not previously familiar with them. Like any other tweets, these promotions can be liked, retweeted, and commented on. They will always say “Promoted” in the lower left-hand corner. 


    For artists looking to showcase new visuals, promoted tweets can contain videos and autoplay in users’ timelines. If the clip is under 60 seconds long, then the video will loop.


    Using Promoted Accounts

    Artists looking to gain followers may elect to promote their entire Twitter account instead of promoting just one tweet. This type of advertising targets users who don’t already follow you. 


    Promoted Accounts are shown in potential followers timelines in the Who to Follow suggestions and in search results. It also includes the same “Promoted” messaging as well as a call-to-action Follow button. 


    Using Automated Ads

    Using Twitter Promote Mode will automatically promote the tweets on your profile. Twitter will add the first ten tweets from your profile each day to a Promoted Tweets campaign with your selected targeted audience. Twitter Promote Mode can also be used to run a Promoted Account campaign.


    This feature allows Twitter to handle your advertising easily without you having to put much thought into running individual ad campaigns. It will run you a flat rate of $99 a month, but on average, your tweets will reach an additional 30,000 potential new fans.


    Figure Out What Your Goals Are For Your Ads

    The campaign objective that you decide on will determine what type of engagement you will have. As an artist, you must decide if you are trying to raise awareness about being a musician, get people to purchase your music, or simply gain followers.


    For instance, you will be billed per view if you want people to view your video ad. If you wish to acquire new Twitter followers, you will be billed per follower. This gives you a better idea of where your money goes and how to use it best. 


    Before you can implement any of these tools, you must first create a Twitter ads account. You may do this by logging into your Twitter account, then heading to The rest is self-explanatory. 


    This will unlock access to Twitter Ads Manager and its many features. Head over to Twitter’s Ad Manager Guide for more ways to get your ads rolling. 



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