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    Tips for Building a Strong Music Team

    • 2 min read

    Tips for Building a Strong Music Team


    As your career grows, you will continue to get busier. With your music blossoming, you will need to build a team of trustworthy people who can make your life easier. Your squad should be made of people who are qualified and able to see and help execute your vision. 


    Your Team Should Consist Of:

    1. An experienced manager
    2. Experienced producers
    3. A cameraman who is skilled and willing to travel
    4. A social media manager
    5. An experienced tour manager
    6. Graphic designers
    7. Social media experts
    8. Personal assistant
    9. A business lawyer

    How to Choose People for These Roles?

    Find qualified people to fill these roles. Do not be so quick only to bring on your friends and loved ones. While they may want the best for you, they may not have the credentials or connections to get you what you need. Research the people you want to work with and get feedback from other people they have worked with in the past. 


    When to Let Members Of Your Team Go?

    After you’ve got a solid team together, pay attention to whether or not they are delivering. Ask yourself: Are they missing deadlines? Are you constantly reminding them to get things done? Do they give you more excuses than results? If the answer to these questions is yes, do not hesitate to replace them. Your career will suffer if you do not make these hard decisions.


    We know that this is a lot to digest but being a musician comes with much responsibility. You have to be ready to take control of your career and be the boss. 


    Make the right choice.


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