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    Tips For Choosing The Perfect Rap Name To Make You Stand Out

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Choosing The Perfect Rap Name To Make You Stand Out


    Aside from your music, the next most important thing to a rapper is his name. Coming up with a quality rap name should be a matter of catchiness and memorability. While we cannot say what is deemed a "good" stage name, considering that Chance The Rapper willingly chose his moniker and went on to thrive, we can give you a few good tips when it comes to choosing your stage name. 


    Brainstorm With a Few Friends

    Take a seat with a pen and paper and jot down everyone's ideas. It's crucial to keep the concepts flowing, no matter how bad they are. At this stage, write down everything and try not to pass judgment.


    You can then go over your list, cross off the bad ones, discuss the excellent ones, and even blend them to produce something innovative.


    Make Sure The Name Is Relevant

    Attempt to come up with a name that accurately describes you and your sound. Before people hear your music, a catchy moniker might help fans understand what you're all about.


    Now, this is a highly distinctive matter that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. But be sure that the name makes sense in regards to the type of music you make. If you're a Christian rapper, for example, don't call yourself Killer Trap Clown. That likely won't produce the results you're looking for.


    Consider Your Digital Presence

    Consider the impact of your name on your online visibility. If you're thinking long-term, this is crucial.


    First and foremost, Google it. Is the name you've picked original? Will you be the first result on a search engine when people type it in? Will it be buried underneath hundreds of other more relevant results?


    Also, see if the domain and social media pages for the name you desire are still attainable. You may check if your rap name has already been taken using a website like, which searches all domain extensions (.com,.net,.biz, etc.) and social media platforms.


    Think of Your Graphics

    How will your proposed rap name appear on t-shirts and other merchandise? Think about how your name will be included in your own brand, whether it's graphics, goods, or anything else with your name printed on it.


    While you need to sit down and put some serious thought into your rap name, do not let it consume you. Try to avoid going down a path of self-doubt. Otherwise, you'll never come up with a memorable rap name. 


    At some point, you'll need to trust your hunches and let the chips fall where they may. Overthinking your musical identity will take on a life of its own and could delay your music career. 



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