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    Tips For Conducting Social Media Polls

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Conducting Social Media Polls


    Just a few days ago, we spoke a little about the importance of using the Poll feature on your Instagram Story. Today, we'll go into a little more detail about the type of polls you can conduct on both IG and Facebook to get the most engagement from your fans. 


    Vital Poll Questions For Your Facebook/IG Stories

    1. "Which song should I open my concert with?"
    2. "What was the first song you heard by me?"
    3. "Who do you want to see me collaborate with?"
    4. "What song should I cover?"
    5. "Should I do a free concert?"
    6. "Who do you want to see me work with?"
    7. "Should I do a virtual listening party?"
    8. "What type of merch should I drop next?"
    9. "Should I drop a club record or a slow track?"
    10. "Which beat should I drop a freestyle over?"


    You want to make sure that your poll questions are unique. If you always ask the same question and get the same responses, it can become tedious for everyone involved. To encourage fans to interact, mix it up a little every time you decide to post a poll.


    When a fan votes on your polls, that is their way of initiating a dialogue with you. If they leave a comment, don't forget to reply. Even after the votes have closed, you should remain responsive and keep in contact. You should explain what you plan to do with this information and thank your audience for engaging. Also, be sure to share the poll results so that fans can continue to be included in the conversation. 


    To get the most out of your polls, make sure to conduct them when your audience is most active on social media. As stated in our previous write-up, always check your analytics to see when followers are most active to ensure the best turnout. 


    Once the poll is complete, be sure to follow through with it. For instance, if you conduct a poll where the majority of your followers vote in favor of one artist you should work with, be sure to try and make that collaboration happen and reveal the final product. This will let your fans know that their feedback is not in vain. 


    In conclusion, engagement is your friend. Use it at all times on your social media to grow your fanbase. 


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