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    Tips For Recording Music At Home

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Recording Music At Home


    As we have stated time and time again, being an independent artist can be extremely expensive. Therefore, finding ways to cut costs is essential for musicians who are doing everything on their own. 


    Quality recording is one expense that can run an artist thousands of dollars. However, if you can successfully cut your music from the comfort of your home, not only will it save you money, but it will also help to become completely self-sufficient. Let's explore a few tips for making your music sound professional directly from the crib.


    Create the Perfect Space With the Perfect Ambience

    Before you can record in your home, you must first create the perfect ambiance. The space where you are recording should be calming. Consider aromatherapy candles that will help to soothe you while you get the creative juices flowing. 


    Getting in your zone is vital for your work. You can not accomplish this unless your recording space is free of clutter and unnecessary junk. Stick with only what you need.


    Invest in a Good Microphone

    A quality microphone might cost you a pretty penny, but it is worth the investment. Unless you want to sound like an amateur, researching several options before making a decision will ensure the best results. 


    Adjust Your Mic Levels

    Once you've chosen the best microphone, you must now get accustomed to different mic levels. Different levels will create various sound quality. Therefore, finding a good mic level is a matter of trial and error. Once you settle on the level you like, be sure to write it down or memorize it for future recording sessions. 


    Refrain From Over-Editing & Know When to Edit

    You may be tempted to over-edit your music. However, keep in mind that this may compromise the quality of your music and make you more reliant on edits. In actuality, rather than focusing on the entire song, you should only change the portions that aren't to your liking.


    Just like over-editing songs can be detrimental to your music, not knowing where you should be modifying your track can be just as bad. There are software plugins that might assist you in determining where you should focus your attention. 


    Eliminate Background Noise

    Echoes, like any other background noise, can be problematic. Assume you're a performer who enjoys clapping your hands while singing. Your microphone will pick up that noise. Make sure that you invest in a shock mount for your microphone stand to reduce this noise.


    Frugality should not mean poor quality. Keep this in mind when building your in-house recording space. Try any of these tips, and let us know how it goes. 


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