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    Tips For Sounding Your Best On The Beat

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Sounding Your Best On The Beat


    Everyone wants to be a rapper, yet many artists do not take the time to improve their sound. Saweetie recently sparked a conversation about rappers needing to sharpen their skills when she revealed that she was undergoing an artist boot camp to perfect her craft. Let's go over a few pointers to ensure that rappers sound their best on the beat and stage.


    Everyone Is Not a Freestyler & That's Okay

    Many artists take pride in stating, "I don't write my rhymes." While impressive, there is nothing wrong with moving your pen. While writing your lyrics, also memorize them and the flow to guarantee that when you step into the booth, the song feels natural as you record it. This can save you a lot of time and frustration. 


    Write Music How You Talk

    Rapping the way you speak in your real life will save you from sounding unauthentic and forced on a beat. Your slang, profanity, and accent are what make you unique as an artist. Do not spend too much time trying to sound grammatically correct on a record. Listeners can tell when the artist is struggling over words.


    Get Familiar With Your Voice Sounds

    Using your phone's voice recorder can allow you to record rough drafts of your music and familiarize yourself with your voice. We, as humans, talk daily, but we rarely realize how we sound to others. For most people, hearing their voices played back is quite cringy. However, knowing this can help you when it comes to recording. 


    Record your rough drafts with different tones, flows, emotions, speeds, and melodies over various types of beats. This will teach you how to efficiently switch your flow up multiple times on a record, making sure fans are never bored with your tunes. Drake is one artist who has mastered this and executes it effortlessly. 


    Even Rappers Need Vocal Lessons

    Experimenting with different vocal sounds is just scratching the surface of learning your voice. Receiving formal voice training can teach you how to use the sounds effectively. After all, your voice is an instrument that you must study and continuously practice. 


    While vocal lessons may not be cheap, it is a necessary investment to learn proper breathing techniques, exercising the muscles you use for your voice, as well as many other powerful benefits. 


    Applying these four tips can take your sound to the next level, but it is up to you as an artist to be willing to do the work. Being a rapper is much more than rhyming words over a trap beat, especially if you are looking for longevity in the music industry. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you on your journey. 


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