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    Tips For Writing a Quality Music Press Release

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Writing a Quality Music Press Release


    Usually, an artist's PR team or manager would be responsible for penning and sending out press releases. However, independent artists may have to tackle this task on their own if they do not yet have a team.


    Press releases can be sent out to music publications, blogs, podcasters, and any other type of media person to provide the latest news about your forthcoming single, album, show, etc.  


    Today, we'll explore a few tips for writing a good press release.


    Make Sure It's Interesting & Newsworthy

    Always send out press releases with a clear purpose. Your press release should be only about your forthcoming music or newly released music. You will need to sell yourself. What makes this project great? Why would someone want to check out this project? Be sure to highlight this in your release. 


    Keep the Press Release Short & Sweet

    Media folks do not have time to read a four-page essay. Your press release should not exceed one page. Also, stick to the point. Refrain from rambling. To save time for future press releases, create a template that you can use multiple times.


    Add a Photo

    Do not overdo it with multiple photos. However, be sure to add the cover art of the single or project to your press release.


    Proper Paragraph Structure

    Place all of the most relevant information within the first few lines of the intro paragraph. The "what, when, where, and why" belong in those inaugural lines. The second and third paragraphs can go into crucial details regarding the inspiration behind the project, the producer involved, streaming platforms, the rollout, and what you are trying to convey with the latest musical offering. You can even add a few quotes from those who have heard your new work. This adds some personality and a slight co-sign. In your final paragraph, add a call to action. Let the reader know where they can listen, stream, and download the project and where they can learn more about you. Add your social media platforms and contact email in this closing.


    Write In the Third Person

    While it can be hard to write in the third person when speaking about yourself, you must do this in your press release. Use "he/she/they," as opposed to "I, me, we."  



    Proofread Before Sending

    Always proofread your press release before sending it. Use a proofreading program such as Grammarly to double-check your work. Then, send it to someone else to give it a second pair of eyes. Look for punctuation and spelling errors before forwarding your press release to the media. Also, double-check that your social media information and the contact email are all spelled correctly in the document.


    When in doubt, feel free to use this free music press release template. Once you customize it, keep it handy so that you can continue using it any time you need to send a press release. Use all of the tips above when constructing your text to ensure you get the best feedback and results.


    Best of luck.


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