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    Tour Bus Essentials; Everything You’ll Need On the Road

    • 2 min read

    Tour Bus Essentials; Everything You’ll Need On the Road


    Your first tour is extremely exhilarating and a huge accomplishment. However, many artists either underestimate or overestimate what they need on the bus. This results in being ill-prepared, which could make your tour experience less than favorable. Not to fear, Viral Media Boost has you covered with a list of essential items that you will need for your multiple stops. 


    1. Equipment
      1. You cannot forget your DJ equipment, cords, microphone, music hard drive, and pretty much anything you’ll need for your shows. Leaving these things behind can result in a delay or even a canceled performance. 
    2. Food
      1. If the bus includes a microwave and refrigerator, you’ll want to stock up on frozen dinners, bread, sandwich meat, water, chips, nuts, pretty much any food that can be heated up or eaten directly out of the packaging. Try to avoid foods that can spoil easily, such as fresh fruits. When on tour, opt for canned fruits instead.
    3. First aid kits
      1. You’re likely not traveling alone, so having multiple first aid kits will come in handy. Ensure they are filled with multiple-sized bandaids, alcohol wipes, over-the-counter pain relievers (Aleve, Tylenol, etc.), heat/cold packs, and thermometers. Feel free to tweak your first aid kits depending on the needs of those touring with you.
    4. Personal recreation
      1. Touring means long periods of driving. That means that you will often be bored when not on stage. Bring books, video game consoles, an iPad, laptop, quality headphones, and anything that will keep you entertained as your driver takes you city to city. 
    5. Multiple blankets
    6. Pillows
    7. Earplugs
    8. Device chargers
    9. Clothing
    10. Detergent
      1. During your stops, you’ll have to find a laundromat for your dirty clothes. Purchase a family-size container of laundry detergent so that you are never short on clean clothes.
    11. Cleaning supplies
      1. The tour bus will be your home for at least a few weeks. It is vital to keep it clean. Make sure you have cleaning supplies that are not overpowering in odor to keep the bus immaculate.
    12. Toilet paper
    13. Toothbrush
    14. Toothpaste
    15. Towels/washcloths
    16. Paper goods (plates, forks, paper towels, etc.)


    While there are a few other things you may need while on tour, these are the absolute essentials that you cannot go on tour without. Use this as your checklist to ensure that you are well prepared. 


    Best of luck on the road!