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    Trademarking Your Artist Name Is Essential

    • 2 min read

    Trademarking Your Artist Name Is Essential


    It is crucial as an artist that you set yourself apart in every way, even legally. As you continue to grow in your career, be sure to trademark your artist or band name to ensure that no one can use your name for their own business ventures.


    Make Sure Your Trademark Is Available

    You must perform a search to ensure that your name is available to be legally claimed. If someone else has already trademarked it, you cannot. Check the USPTO  website before you begin the trademark process to ensure that your name is not already taken. On the homepage, click “Trademarks” then “Searching Trademarks” to begin.


    Choose the Right Category & Description

    Trademarks are categorized into 45 categories that represent different services and products. You will need to select the one that is closest to musical services. 


    After establishing the category, you’ll need to determine your accurate description. Luckily, the USPTO has a database of pre-defined descriptions that you can use without trying to come up with your own. 


    Filing Online

    After figuring out the class and description, you can proceed with the online filing. Head over to the homepage, click “Trademarks” then “Filing Online.” The rest is pretty self-explanatory on the website. 


    These are the basic steps you will need to follow in order to trademark your name. However, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will give you a more in-depth instructional guide on achieving your trademark.


    While many artists do not see the value in doing this early in their careers, it is vital to building your brand. Get started now at


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