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    Use Billboards For Your Next Music Rollout

    • 1 min read

    Use Billboards For Your Next Music Rollout


    Billboards have long been a marketing strategy used by major companies to advertise their services to drivers in vehicles. However, musicians have tapped into this massive poster to promote their music releases in recent years. Rapper Key Glock was trending soon after releasing his “Yellow Tape 2” when he placed a 3D billboard in New York City. 


    According to the Arbitron study, 71 percent of Americans look at messages on roadside billboards. An additional 56 percent of Americans said that they told others about billboards they saw on the side of the road. Stats such as these are a testament that billboards are still beneficial marketing strategies. 


    If you are interested in securing a billboard, you will have to find an advertising company in your area so that your billboard can go up in your town. You will also need to work with the company on your design and proper measurements to ensure that your advertisement meets all the requirements and does not appear blurry as people ride past it. Remember, those driving will not have time for a double-take, so you want to make your design as eye-catching as possible. Also, the design will have to be appropriate, so no nudity or sexually suggestive images will be permitted in most cases.


    Consider placing your latest mixtape, single, or music video release on a billboard in your hometown. If you have reached other cities, feel free to reach out to agencies nationwide. Start here:



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