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    Use Repost Exchange to Increase Your SoundCloud Streams

    • 1 min read

    Use Repost Exchange to Increase Your SoundCloud Streams


    Repost Exchange could take you a long way if you are an artist trying to grow your SoundCloud fanbase. Even better, it starts at just $8.25 per month.

    The service works by connecting thousands of SoundCloud users who then repost one another's music. To get started, you'll need to connect your SoundCloud account. You'll then use the Repost Exchange credits to request reposts from other members. You may also create a campaign that other members can repost. New users will get 30 credits upon signing up. To earn more credits, you will need to keep reposting other people's content, referring other creators, or you may purchase a credit pack.

    While the credit system may sound complex, it is relatively easy, and accumulating credits simply happens by being active on the site each day. However, it is essential that you are reposting content close to yours to ensure your fans will enjoy it. The system is effective because users are prohibited from deleting a repost within 48 hours. Any account that deletes a repost within 48 hours could be banned from the platform. 

    The site encourages everyone to repost frequently, but be mindful that all members are limited to 10 reposts every 12 hours.

    We know this was a brief overview of the program, but having serviced thousands of artists, it is a valuable tool that can significantly increase your SoundCloud streams.

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