Viral Media Boost 30 Day Artist Content Challenge

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    Viral Media Boost 30 Day Artist Content Challenge

    • 2 min read

    Viral Media Boost 30 Day Artist Content Challenge


    If you’ve been kicking it with Viral Media Boost for a while, then you know we are consistently preaching the importance of a strong Instagram presence. However, many musicians are still not giving their platforms the proper attention. No worries, VMB is here to be your accountability partner. 

    The Viral Media Boost 30 Day Artist Content Challenge is meant to help you consistently deliver quality content to your Instagram feeds that will attract new eyes to your platform. 

    1. Post three times a day at peak hours on social media. 

    Check out your IG insights to see which times your followers are most active.
    Three daily posts for artists: 1 studio picture, 1 music video, 1 Reel.

    If you don’t have any new images, post some throwback content. When you post your Reels, think of original concepts. Play around with the effects, but be sure to incorporate your music.

    2. Go live once a week.
    3. Use proper hashtags on every post.

    Download the Flick app. It allows you to find the best-ranking hashtags and analytics about the performance of your posts when using hashtags.

    4. Promote one of your posts at the start of the week for $5 a day. 
    5. Hold a “Questions” session on your IG Story at least twice a week.
    6. Post positive quotes at least three times a week in between your regular IG posts.
    7. Post your music links in your IG Story daily.
    8. 30 minutes before you post and 30 minutes after you post, make sure you like, comment, and reply to DM’s to “wake up” the algorithm.

    Remember, these steps are meant to be done every single day for a month, so for starters, you will need to create a content calendar to keep up with your daily posts so that you remain methodical. It will help to outline your content a month in advance so you can successfully participate in the challenge. Every week, review your insights to see which posts had the most engagements. Review your followers at the end of the 30 days to see they’ve increased. If you are not happy with your results, try tweaking your content a bit. Sharpen the images you’re posting, explore new hashtags, etc. 

    Take the Viral Media Boost 30 Day Artist Content Challenge and let us know your results!