Viral Media Boost Live Music Review Is Getting a New Update!

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    Viral Media Boost Live Music Review Is Getting a New Update!

    • 2 min read

    Here at Viral Media Boost, we go above and beyond for the artists that we work with. If you follow us on Instagram, then you should be familiar with our IG Live Music Review. This is where we invite musicians to send in their music to be played on Instagram Live by VMB founder Chris Tyson. 


    We are proud to announce that we will be streamlining this process and bringing the Live Music Review to our website so that every creator in our network has an opportunity to partake in this music exposure tool.


    While we work out the kinks to assure the best updated Music Review, let’s go over a few benefits of having your tunes played during one of our viral music review sessions. 


    Make New Connections

    Viral Media Boost has a vast network that includes artists, producers, marketing experts, and music business insiders. Having your music previewed for such a broad audience can unlock endless possibilities that can take her career to the next level. We’ll provide viewers with information about where they can hear more of your music as well as your social media platforms, serving as a liaison for you and future collaborators and entertainment connections. 


    Get More Social Media Followers

    As previously stated, we don’t just spin your tracks. We also shout you out, guaranteeing an increase in your social media followers.


    Get Honest Feedback

    Receiving valuable feedback on your music is a sure way to better your records. Get honest reviews from authentic music lovers that can assist you with improving your lyrics, beats, cadence, and much more. You must keep an open mind, though, and remember that the critique is all in love from a network that wants to see you win. 


    Chris Is Well Connected

    VMB founder and owner Chris Tyson is well connected in the music industry, having worked with Soulja Boy, Gillie Da Kid, and many others. Best of all, he has a passion for helping rising artists reach their goals. Having him spin your music will assure you a valuable ally in the industry.


    Viral Media Boost is committed to the musicians that we work with. Be sure to monitor our Facebook page for updates on when the new review will be available.


    You don’t want to miss out!


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